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"Oscar" our over size MINI "baby sitting" the Giant babies!
Photo's taken in April & May @ 9 & 10 months old
Click on photo's to see full size
You've not had a dog till
You've been "Owned" By a
Quality Black Giant
Our Adults
This is our Handsome Dex , He has the Best
temperament & loves everybody he meets! If
your willing to play ball with him, your his new
He also has an outstanding Pedigree too. His dam
is an International Champion, with a great
working /show pedigree
( 9 Champions in her 3 gen.)  
& his sire is El Lobo & Skansen bred
(13 champions
in his 3 gen. Pedigree)
We are very proud of Our Dex. He has a nice hard
coat. He's 29.5" tall & a lean 100 lbs
Here's Riley my "Spoiled brat", she
rules the roost
She's the reason why I say I'm
"OWNED" by a giant! She believes
she's human or at least smarter then
Riley is very good at helping herd my
ponies back to their pens, when they
Riley has been retired from
our breeding program.
DeeVa Is a Beauty & a Big
LOVER! She has the Best
Temperament I could have
asked for in a giant I bred.
I'm very pleased to have
added her to my program.
Cratty's, Bigfoot's &
Skansen's are a few of the
Champion lines in her
pedigree. She is a nice built
giant that produces nice
family dogs! She has a Very
thick American coat &
weighs 85lbs.
*DeeVa has
been retired from our
breeding program.
We were Super Lucky to be able to import a female puppy in Jan.
2014 from a Top Giant breeder in the Czech Republic!
"TISKA" is everything I could have hoped for & more. She is
Wicked smart, has a Wonderful temperament and is Very well bred
too. At a year old she is almost as tall as my male! I cant hardly
wait for her to be old enough! Health test pre-lims look Excellent
just got to wait till she is 2yrs old for final read. Thanks to my friend
Carol J. in Virgina for helping me get her.
*Tishka has been retired from our breeding program.
Jetta:photo comming soon
Above photo's are Rosie
Jetta's dam. Rosie has
been retired .
Jetta, is one of our home bred girls and I think
we did a pretty good job! She is one of our
sweetest girls, and is very easy going. Her
eyes will melt your heart! She is very well
bred With Histyle, Tanglewood, Gloris,
Ingebar,& Stablemaster breeding. She is our
shortest giant but good things come in small She weighs  85lbs & has
produced large sized pup's. She has a nice
American coat.
SHE is RETIRED from our
program but we have a Grand daughter of
hers coming up to take her place.
Photo's were
the day we got
her home, she
now has tail &
ears done
Above is Ebony, DeeVa's
mother. Ebony is a large
female giant she weighs
100lbs. Click on photo to
make larger.
Sorry,Only photo I have right
now New one coming in the spring
* Dexy is going to be 13yrs old in 2021, he
Sired probly his last litter in November 2020