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When you decide on a puppy please call me @ 406-591-4366 to see if the
puppy is still available.
We require a deposit of $500.00 (non-refundable) to hold a giant puppy. *All deposits received are
The total balance owed on your puppy must be received by us by the time your puppy is 7 weeks of age in
order for the puppy to be ready to be shipped @ 9 weeks of age.
* Please note If puppy is purchased after 7
weeks of age payment needs to be made in full at time of purchase.

Today there is a lot of check fraud, including cashier's checks, money orders, personal checks and even postal
money orders. Because of this we will not ship your puppy until your check clears, regardless of the type of
No Exceptions. Our bank puts a 5-10 day hold on the check (most clear in 3 to 5 days). This is the
reason we require the balance to be paid by the time the pup is 7 weeks old. We will notify you when your
check clears.
* If you are picking up your puppy the balance will be owed when you pick up your puppy, the balance can only
be paid in

We accept:
*Bank to Bank Wire ( Fastest 2-4 hrs) With Bank to Bank wire I mark your puppy SOLD as soon as I receive   
the money
. ~We prefer this form of payment ~
* Postal Money orders  (Postal Money orders will clear in 3-7 days)
* Cashier/Bank checks (3-7 days to clear)

*If you choose to send payment in the mail we will put the puppy that you want on HOLD for three (3) business
days, while we wait for your deposit. You will NEED to send it
Express mail/ Next day air so that it reaches
us with in
3days.  If we do not receive your deposit in 3 days the puppy will go back up for adoption.

*If we are shipping your pup, when your puppy turns eight weeks shipping arrangements can be made @
buyers expanse.
We will not book any flights or make any shipping arrangements until the balance owed on
your puppy, plus shipping, has been received and the payment has cleared our bank.
Deposits & Payment     
Jody Kaiser
406-591-4366 cell
406-259-4502 home
Questions Or More
information Contact:
I have spent a great deal of time making certain that our puppies arrive from our home to yours as unafraid and as
safe as possible, and that the pups are handled with the utmost care. Here are some of the things I have found,
which makes the experience for all the best possible solution.

Shipping is a very safe and reliable method to get your new puppy to his new home. A car trip of several hours can
be way more stressful for the pup and more dangerous as the pup can come into contact with many diseases at
rest areas or places where other dogs have been let out of vehicles for a "potty break".

To date we have never had a bad experience shipping any of our puppies. The pups handle the flights much better
than we do while waiting for them to arrive. They are treated very well by the airline personnel. Shipping is done via
major airlines such as Delta, and Northwest, depending on where we are shipping. Each airline has a Cargo facility
which is separate from the hustle and bustle of the main airport. Which is nice for puppy as it is usually quieter than
the rest of the terminal.

There are specific regulations that have to be followed by the airlines before they can allow a pet to fly and these
include but are not limited to:

* Veterinary Health Certificate
* Certificate of Acclamation
* Proper immunizations for age of puppy
* Airline approved/animal safe shipping crate

Outside, ground temperatures are also a factor when shipping puppies, some airlines will not ship if the
temperatures are below 20 degrees and over 85 degrees. What this can mean is very early or late flights during the
summer months. Or finding the right time to ship in the winter months when temps can be so extreme. Sometimes
your pup's arrival can be delayed due to unexpected temperature changes. We make every effort to insure that your
puppy gets to you when we book the flight.

*We make all reservations for your pup, so that all you have to do is be at the airport to
pick up your new family member.

There are times when a pup is shipped that there is a overnight layover and then there will be an overnight kennel
charge. Our pups do not spend the night in the airport but are picked up by private kennel personnel, where they
are fed, cleaned, and returned to the airport in time to make their connecting flight. Once again insuring your
puppies health, safety, and comfort. This rarely happens as we try and book non-layover flights for all of our babies.

*Please be aware that the buyer is responsible for all associated costs in shipping their
new puppy.