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Quality Black Giant
You've not had a dog till you've
been "owned " by a Giant!
Jody Kaiser
Billings, Montana
406-591-4366 cell
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Our Giant Schnauzers are bred for quality & temperament. We desire to  
improve and strengthen the Giant Schnauzer breed, all of our breeding Giants
have heath clearances. Our Giant's are one of our favorite hobbies and some of
very best friends. Once you welcome one into your home you’ll know why
we think they are the very best. Our goal is to provide you with a
Giant Schnauzer puppy that will become a treasured member of your family.
We believe in our dogs as
companions first & it's nice to see them shown too,
but ultimately they must live in the house & be
wonderful life long
. We have fallen in love with this extremely Smart, loyal, fun, and
loving breed, and we’re confident that you’ll feel the same way.

ONLY raise Giant Schnauzers, & Miniature horses. Our breeding program
is small, so that they all get the
LOVE & ATTENTION all dogs deserve! In
total we have 6 adult giants
(one lives with my sister & her family) and of coarse our mini
"Oscar". They are our much loved
"house horses", & enjoy laying on the
couch or our bed with me, good thing for a king size bed lol!

Our giants are fed a quality holistic meat based food with fresh raw meat,
veggies, fruit, & vitamins added. We keep our giants in shorter coats due to
them playing in the 5+ acre pasture & creek
(it just makes it easier for me to keep them
. Our dogs get to run freely & play twice a day in the pasture while I feed
the ponies on the average of 1-2 hrs each time we feed during the week and
most all day during the weekends.

Our puppies are socialized with kids, small dogs
(Our Mini schnauzer is the Baby sitter/
play mate to the babies)
, sometimes the ponies & anyone who wants to come over
to play with the puppies. I feel this helps them be well adjusted
Family dog's
first & foremost
. All our Giants have GREAT dispositions, are AKC registered,
Health testing done & have proven Champion bloodlines.

Please take a look around and feel free to call or   
email me with any questions that you might have